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At Arms Wide Open ABA, we are committed to providing an exceptional learning environment tailored for children with autism.

Our foundation is built on the proven methodologies of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), focusing on enhancing essential skills such as communication, social interaction, and play, as well as promoting readiness and reducing negative behaviors that may obstruct a child's learning journey. Our approach is highly personalized and centers around the child, guaranteeing that each learner receives the individualized attention required for significant growth.

As a respected provider of ABA services, we collaborate closely with families to secure the best outcomes for their children. Our proven track record of success is a testament to our dedication. Discover the difference at Arms Wide Open ABA, where we help every child unlock their full potential through our innovative and caring approach.

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Why Choose Our Wide Arms Open ABA Therapy Center

Holistic Approach: Focusing on social, behavioral, and life skills development.

Individualized Programs: Tailored therapy to meet each child's unique needs.

Insurance Compatibility: Accepts most insurance plans for ease of access.

In-Home Therapy: Comfortable, familiar setting for effective learning.

Certified and licensed therapists specializing in Autism

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Most commercial insurances accepted

Contact us for any questions regarding coverage or plans – we’ll be happy to provide you with the clearest guidance as to your best options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Group therapy is a vital part of Arms Wide Open’s therapeutic program, teaching important principles that are needed across the community. The sessions take a variety of forms, in different settings.

What's the process?

Contact our office and a member of our team will schedule an intake session to determine your child’s needs and check eligibility for services with your insurance. provider. With insurance approval, your child will be assessed by a qualified BCBA who will interpret data and design a customized treatment plan.

What age clients do you service?

We provide therapy services for individuals ages 1-21, in the comfort of their home, community setting, or academic environment.

Will you work with my child’s school?

Our team collaborates with your child’s daycare or school staff to coordinate on-site sessions during daytime hours.

Are ABA therapy services covered by insurance?

Most insurances cover ABA therapy services. Contact a team member to check your eligibility as well as patient responsibility.

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Our team is here to assist you in this process. Contact us for any assistance.

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